Get More Sales by Asking These Questions

Get More Sales by Asking These Questions

Have you ever stuck with “We can’t” or “That won’t work” statements in your business?

When crafting sales and marketing strategy, shut off the negative thinking and let out the creativity to the ideas you can come up with.

You have to cultivate an environment where there’s no fear of ideas being seen as crazy or stupid. You will need to overcome the fear of thinking outside the box and support and encourage risk taking within your team.

The big point here is not to make statements like,”That would never work for us”, rather ask the question, “How can I apply that to my business?”

With this, here are some aspects in business strategy and customer relations that you need to start considering in order to break away from traditional thinking in sales:

In business strategy, you need to know the following: (1) objective, (2) targets, (3) actions to double your revenue, (3) other strategies you need to consider, (4) obstacles needed to overcome, (5) outsourcing experts you will hire, and (6) establishing structures to ensure effectivity.

For customer relations, the following are to be considered: (1) your target market, (2) demand from the customer, (3) what they do and read, (4) how can you target them, (5) the best time and way to contact them, and (6) why they need your product or service.

These guiding questions are tested and proven in terms of how I incorporate it into my business strategy and customer relations.