What are the things to avoid when managing your team?

What are the things to avoid when managing your team?

Have you ever heard about the nightmare boss?

You might even be that person whether intentionally or unintentionally.

There are many articles written by managers, CEOs and executives on this topic but, despite the information, a lot of team leaders still don’t know what does and doesn’t work. 

As an entrepreneur, you are in the position of authority over people and being aware of failures and shortcomings of other team leaders will help you become a better one.

Here are some pitfalls in management that can cause your employees to be dissatisfied with their jobs:

1 – By Not Keeping Your Word

Your word is synonymous with your perception as a leader. Promising things to your team and then forgetting or failing to do them will destroy their trust in you as a leader. Don’t be that person. If you say you train a person for a new position, do it. If you promise a certain project to your team, do it. This will show your team that you deserve their loyalty and respect which will make them work harder for you.

2 – By Showing Favoritism

Favoritism is when the team leader is showing preference to an employee based on personal matters. Sometimes, they are a relative or maybe you hang out with them after work. Whatever the circumstance is, you are giving the person more than they deserve and it’s unfair to everyone else in the team. It’s understandable that you might prefer the company of one person over another, but don’t let that cloud your judgment. When you base your appraisals on results and not personal factors, you get so much more from your team.

3 – By Basing Decisions on Emotions and Not Facts

As the team leader, you are tasked with doing the best for the business. You might have heard about someone who got fired because they caught their boss on a bad day. You might also know somebody who should’ve been fired, but didn’t because of an effective sob story. Regardless of what your temperament is, you have to distance yourself enough to do what is right. Make sure to always back up your decisions with solid facts and evidence.

I can go all day with all the things you need to avoid in managing your team, but there’s only a little space for me share everything.

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