Do you lack delegation?

Do you know how to delegate tasks effectively?

Do you lack delegation, do you give too much delegation, micromanaging, or do you put the wrong person in the wrong place?

If you are either one of these, you are clearly experiencing problems in management skills that could lead in a dysfunctional workplace and you need to hear this out.

As entrepreneurs, we are the boss of our own workplace.

As a boss, we will be responsible for deciding who goes where and who does what.

As a leader, much of our workplace productivity and morale will depend not only on our ability to lead, but to lead well.

This is why it’s important to delegate tasks effectively and if you are uncertain how to delegate them well, here are some points you can keep in mind to best match the right person with the right job:

1 – Put aces in their places
You put your star workers out and put them in the spots they are very best at. Assign the workers you know are best at a certain task and keep them there as long as needed.

2 – Match personality with their job
It helps to align the job with what you know they can adopt better if you’re delegating a task to a person. A high-pressure sales job will be better to an extroverted worker, whereas a desk job in an office will be better fit to an introverted person.

3 – Keep the right distance to your employees
In the workplace, each person is different and each job has different demands. Employees prefer more autonomy than less. Micromanaging a person would suggest that they can’t be trusted to perform the basic tasks. On the other end, most employees can’t be left unsupervised.

For the most part, delegating tasks effectively is about knowing how to delegate.

As a business owner, you can’t perform everything by yourself, thus, you need to make sure that you delegate the right tasks to the right person.

Do you know how to set realistic sales targets?

Do you know how to set realistic sales targets?

Have you experienced problems in your business’ financial situation?

As entrepreneurs, we need to share the burden with our salespeople to resolve financial problems.

If you are experiencing this one or you have experienced this one before, here are some tips and suggestions on how to set goals for your business sales:

1 – Set your clear targets and give your sales team a clear idea of what you want them to achieve.

2 – Explain why these targets need to be met and outline your financial situation.

3 – Offer appealing bonuses for accomplishment to motivate your sales team to achieve the targets.

Most importantly, inspire your salespeople to perform by providing plenty of encouragement to them.

There are many things that I can share to you about setting your sales targets and if you want to know more drop a message or comment down below.