Fire Yourself Every 3 Months

How to Fire Yourself Every 3 Months

I want to share something with you that we discussed at our recent Discovery Day.

This is for people who are stuck in their business, want to get out of their business and free up more time in their calendar.

You’re probably thinking “Dean, I cant fire myself”!

My company needs me. I’m the one that makes the company grow!

Well listen to me when I say you CAN FIRE YOURSELF!

Let me explain myself!!

In order to “Fire Yourself” every 3 months you need to track exactly where your time is going, every single day. Note it down so you know exactly where your time is going.

Then every 3 months you review it and see where you’re spending the majority of your time.

After reviewing it you discover:

– That in the last 3 months you spent 40 hours on accountancy. So now you need to bring in an accountant part-time.

– You also see that in the last 3 months you spent 20 hours on admin. So now you need to bring in someone to work on admin part-time.

The key to “Firing Yourself” is that you need to be constantly pushing away all the work that’s stopping you from growing the business. Constantly pushing it away, because there’s always going to be loading onto your desk.

The purpose of “Firing Yourself” is that the business is not reliant on you, the business can operate without you and you reduce the amount of time you spend in the business.

Check out our video above on how I “Fire Myself Every 3 Months!

If you have any questions on how I can help you fire yourself every 3 months drop me an email on or call me on (076) 888 6170



Which Entrepreneurial Level Are You?

Wouldn’t it be great to have the luxury to have ambition, perspective, and philosophy to work less while making more and more money.

Nowadays It is so important to have the work / life balance in order to get the most out of your career and your personal life.

If you think that working every hour under the sun makes you successful you’re wrong. You need to understand and focus on your goals in life in order to get to where you want to be.

This is why it is important to know which level are you on in your entrepreneurial journey:

1. The Entrepreneurial Employee

If you fall in this category, you tend to work with a sense of familiarity and security. Your main priority is financial subsistence, rather than to work on more profitable ventures that might require new experience beyond comfort zone. For a short period of time, you are an excellent employee, but eventually you become bored and burned out. Although you may threaten to leave, you fail most of the time. This is because of your nature to be risk-averse, comforting, and inclined to please others than acting for yourselves or accepting leadership roles.

2. The Self-Employed Entrepreneur

You want freedom from an authority of a boss. A do-it-yourself entrepreneur who have so much drive for autonomy and self-reliance, but lack the necessary administrative, leadership, and managerial skills. With these drawbacks, you tend to work long hours alone, work through all the details in the business, and avoid new and innovative learning methods as well as taking help from other people.

3. The Managerial Entrepreneur

You belong to this level when you prioritise growing your organization in systematic way even if the growth may or may not make sense. You often expand when it isn’t necessary and ignore bottom line profits. More often than not, you will mismanage small, flexible companies into complicated and constrained ones by expanding bureaucracy.

4. The Entrepreneurial Investor/Owner

Your focus is not only creating business, but also on marketing and selling as an investor and / or owner. You don’t concentrate on sales of products and services, but on sales of the whole company that often leads you to successfully franchise your company. Selling companies for profit is your centre of attention, because you primarily view business as investment vehicles meant to be sold, not held for life.

5. The Visionary Entrepreneur

A type of entrepreneur who rises to the level of enjoying many passive-income centers. In this level, you can dedicate as much time as you want to your personal endeavors. You view work as a pursuit that involves turning dreams into reality. You devote your time thinking of great ideas that you can come true. With the immense resources that you have, you are able to create things no one can ever imagine.

Each one of us place ourselves within these five levels of entrepreneurship.

I used to be stuck in the first two levels of entrepreneurship, but I learned strategies that made my business into success and now I am in number 4 and 5!

Now, that I was able to grow my business, I want to share my knowledge on how I grew this into a highly profitable one.

Feel free to drop a message on dean@entrepreneursuccess.ieor call me on (076) 888 6170.

All the best

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