How to find your customers?

Do You Know How to Find Your Ideal Customer?

Starting a business requires diverse set of skills and talents. 

But, do you know what’s the biggest asset of a business?

A strong customer base.

If you really want your business to take off the ground, you need to know who your customers are, how to find them and how to make them loyal to your product or service.

Here are some tips you can use to build your customer base for your business:

1 – Identify who you want as customers

When you settle the niche of your business, the next thing to do is to figure out what type of customers you want to attract. A specialized business will attract more prospective customers with less competition. So, when the time comes for you to open your business, you will have more sense of your customers and it will be much easier to drum up interest in what your business can offer.

2 – Take consideration of your customer profile

After identifying your ideal customer, you should begin to develop a strategy on how to attract this particular demographic. As a guide, you can start by asking these questions: What do they look for? What type of deals and promotions will they respond to? The goal is to attract customers at certain income level who is interested with your product or service.

3 – Use the power of analytics

Analytics has been around for some time, but not all entrepreneurs use them. Modern software allows entrepreneurs to track every aspect of the customer’s behaviors. Hence, analytics do not only tell you who your customers are, but what they commonly look for. 

All of your entrepreneurial skills will be useless if your business do not have a strong customer base. It isn’t just good enough to be a great planner, salesperson, or innovator. You need a leverage over the customers you want to sell your products or services with.

This is related with the learning gap I am talking about on every Discovery Day. The gap from where your point now in your business to where you want it to be.

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