Why You Need a Break to be More Productive!

​​Do you think that by working every hour under the sun you’ll be more productive?

If you answer yes to this then you are wrong!​​

It’s a common belief that if we work longer, we achieve more.

For years, I believed that breaks were a waste of time and if I didn’t work most of my waking hours then I wouldn’t be productive. But all of it was a myth.

In fact, taking a break is the key to productivity. Taking a break in-between work is a must to regain focus and to allow your body and brain to rest. The more often you take breaks, the more productive you get.

You start by thinking of your work as taking multiple sprints than a one big marathon. Work in sprints mean you work hard and give all you’ve got for short periods of time.

In between sprints, you can take recovery breaks to replenish your energy. Therefore, you are either fully engaged or not doing anything at all.

The best way to do this is to divide your time in 30-minute increments using the Productivity Planner.

I have incorporated this method into my workday and it has worked wonders.

By tracking my time in 30-minute increments using the Productivity Planner it has allowed me to see the areas:

– Where I am spending my time

– Where I am wasting my time

– Where I should be spending more time

By tracking and understanding my time using the Productivity Planner it has allowed me focus on areas that help grow my business.

If you want a copy of our new Q2 Productivity Planner, email me at dean@entrepreneursuccess.ie and i’ll send you a copy

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