Fire Yourself Every 3 Months

How to Fire Yourself Every 3 Months

I want to share something with you that we discussed at our recent Discovery Day.

This is for people who are stuck in their business, want to get out of their business and free up more time in their calendar.

You’re probably thinking “Dean, I cant fire myself”!

My company needs me. I’m the one that makes the company grow!

Well listen to me when I say you CAN FIRE YOURSELF!

Let me explain myself!!

In order to “Fire Yourself” every 3 months you need to track exactly where your time is going, every single day. Note it down so you know exactly where your time is going.

Then every 3 months you review it and see where you’re spending the majority of your time.

After reviewing it you discover:

– That in the last 3 months you spent 40 hours on accountancy. So now you need to bring in an accountant part-time.

– You also see that in the last 3 months you spent 20 hours on admin. So now you need to bring in someone to work on admin part-time.

The key to “Firing Yourself” is that you need to be constantly pushing away all the work that’s stopping you from growing the business. Constantly pushing it away, because there’s always going to be loading onto your desk.

The purpose of “Firing Yourself” is that the business is not reliant on you, the business can operate without you and you reduce the amount of time you spend in the business.

Check out our video above on how I “Fire Myself Every 3 Months!

If you have any questions on how I can help you fire yourself every 3 months drop me an email on or call me on (076) 888 6170



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