Happy Working Environment

Keeping a happy working environment is easier than you think

Do you need the total package to have a successful business?

Do you really need to have both interpersonal and technical skills to be a successful entrepreneur?

Only a few have the total package of interpersonal and technical skills and this is why business owners hire people to do the bulk work and to bring skills and strengths that allows the business to grow and expand. Customer and sales are the two things we looked very closely, but some entrepreneurs and managers tend to forget to consider the third facet:


While it may not show up in customer sales and overall sales, a dissatisfied worker will drag the business down.

Workers are more likely to quit, won’t put much effort into their jobs, and won’t go above and beyond in what they do.

Here are three proven in keeping your workers happy at home:

1 – Give a clear and defined objectives to your employees
If it’s not clear to your employees what are expected from them, then they won’t know how to perform their job. If you come in clear goals and expectations, your workers will work hard to achieve them.

2 – Give the support they need in the workplace
A big problem to some employees is that they might feel that the workplace doesn’t offer a comfortable and safe working environment. If an employee’s productivity suffers because he/she just recently lost a loved one, how you respond goes a long way. Your employees have lives outside work and when they feel like their work is intruding into their lives, the tendency is that they might not feel engaged and ready to give their all.

3 – Give them a stake in the business
If your employees see their job as nothing more than a paycheck, then they will never be motivated to do more than the bare minimum. You can give them a goal with an incentive added to reach it – bonuses, raise, etc. If you give workers something they will fight for, they will work harder to reach that goal.

Keeping a conducive workplace for employees is as important as customer relations and sales. Without your employees there’s no one who will drive the force for your business.

All this and more are discussed in our Discovery Day and if you want to learn one to many strategies to expand and grow your business don’t hesitate to drop me a message.

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